Iskit Social Experiment

Eskit is an arabic word in the central region of Saudi Arabia dialect meaning “SHUT UP” in a really rude way. I have created an anonymous posting site, where people could post what pisses them off anonymously. on the other hand, voting an reporting abusive entries is locked to registered users only. I have createdContinue reading “Iskit Social Experiment”

Windows Mobile and UI in .Net Compact Framework

I recently got assigned to design the UI of a finger friendly UI for windows mobile 6. I was first excited, because I get to work on UI and software usability, but then got really disappointed once I started designing it. The framework does not support image transparency.  You can’t create an image button withContinue reading “Windows Mobile and UI in .Net Compact Framework”

Riyadh Geeks Meeting 11th May 2009

Yesterday on May 11th of 2009, the Riyadh geeks group, which I am a part of, got together for their first formal meeting. The event took place in the Computer Club, which is part of the Saudi Ministry of Education. The meeting was quite formal. Only Mashhoor Aldubayan (one of the few web usability expertsContinue reading “Riyadh Geeks Meeting 11th May 2009”

Jihad Ammar, Qaym and Closing the Gap Between Classical Media and New Media

March 16th 2009 I was at ‘s launch press release yesterday at (nokhbah café), as Jihad, the founder, tried to close the gap between the press media, and new media. Maybe I have been away from Saudi for a while, but it was exciting for me to witness this. I saw some bloggers andContinue reading “Jihad Ammar, Qaym and Closing the Gap Between Classical Media and New Media”

Beginner experience with Silverlight 2.0 and WPF

My job as a testing software engineer doesn’t really require me to do much development on my own, and when I get back home, the last thing I want is look at a computer and develop, even though that’s changing, its going slow. I have been trying to take the job of working with webContinue reading “Beginner experience with Silverlight 2.0 and WPF”